20W Bright Cube Spot Beam LED

$102.00 Including GST

Cube Spot Beam - Amber 70 X 64mm

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Please note - Where the product is not shown on your particular vehicle, images used are for illustration purposes only and the actual product design may differ.

Bright Sabre family lights feature hooded reflectors for the LEDs.
Why is this important? Compared to traditional lights, hooded reflectors provide a more horizontal beam with mid-field focus. This makes them ideal for driving applications, putting more
light where you need it most!

The amber lights are great for illuminating spaces without making your eyes rapidly adjust. Compared to clear lights, these lights don’t as readily attract bugs.


• Modern cube design perfect for a range of applications including front/rear bars, work lights and roof rack lighting
• Three illumination colour options (clear, amber and red) and flood and spot beam varieties
• OSRAM LED chip for reliability and performance
• Flat UV-stable polycarbonate lens with a bezel-free design protects against rain, snow and ice build-up
• Hooded reflector reduces glare and improves the light beam pattern
• Temperature self-protection system automatically adjusts current if operating temperature exceeds safe limits
• Supplied with side mount brackets
• 12-24 Volt operating range, IP67 rating, RoHS Compliant

Beam Amber
LEDs Spot
Watts 20
Lumens 1920
LUX @ 10M 572
1 LUX 239m
Dimensions 70mmW x 60mmH x 64mmD
20W Bright Cube Spot Beam LED Cube Light - 70 x 64mm (each) - Amber