Camping Accessories Products

    Flannel lined to ensure you are warm and comfortable when out camping.
    A Handy, large, heavy duty bag, useful for any outdoor activity. With a water resistant coating you can throw in all those wet or muddy clothes & shoes keeping them safely stowed until you hit home or a camping ground with a laundry!
  • ATLAS001
    The Ironman 4x4 Atlas Australia is a large hard covered, spiral bound book using Westprint quality mapping making it very easy to read and ideal for trip planning.
  • ISHOWER002
    The Ironman 4x4 Eco Pressure Shower isn’t your typical camp shower. There is no electricity needed, no need to hang it overhead and it provides good pressure.
  • IDUFBAG001
    Built with travel in mind, it is light and compact, but strong as an Ox.
    You never know when you will need easy access to a first aid kit either off-road or on-road.
    Green and mean gritty cleaning machine.
    A great portable folding step solution
  • ITABLE001
    Ideal for that quick setup for your picnic lunch, or your epic off-road journey base camp. Made tough for a durable and stable table that sets up in seconds.
    Securing your cargo is vital in any 4x4. With the Ironman 4x4 Quick Grip mounting kit, you'll have a range of clamps to handle everything from small hand tools, axes and shovels all the way to fire extinguishers and scuba tanks.
  • IQFS001
    The Quick-Fold stretcher is an essential addition for a perfect night sleep.
  • IRWB001
    The perfect accessory for any tourer or 4WDer wanting that extra storage carrying ability for rubbish, wet clothing, recovery gear, etc.