Ironman 4x4 is excited to introduce our new range of Auto Electric products.

Filling the gaps within our range to suit a range of applications, including a DC to DC charger to compliment our existing dual battery ranges, electric brake controllers for customers who are towing and protection and preventative devices such as low water alarms, auto off headlights, dual battery monitors and start assist kits.

Auto Electric Products Products

  • IDBM001
    The monitor displays a digital readout for both main and Auxilary battery, it also shows a bar graph style incidator.
  • DB140
    The Ironman 140 Amp Dual Battery Kit allows two batteries to be charged at the same time. When the engine is started and the main battery reaches 13.4 volts, the Ironman module engages, allowing the two batteries to be charged simultaneously.
  • IDCDC40
    The new Ironman 4x4 DC to DC 40amp boost, 3 stage battery charger. The auxilary battery charging is managed in a way to maximize the charge.
  • IALK001
    Once the key is turned on the lights will come on automatically after a 10 second delay.
  • IEBC001
    A new generation of brake controller utilising pulse microprocessor based technology.
  • ILWA001
    With the ability to sense a negative current in the water of the radiator, when the water drops below the probe, an alarm and warning light are activated. This system will be activated prior to movement in your temperature gauge.
    This start assist kit allows you to start your vehicle off the auxiliary battery in a situation where the main battery is flat.